Meow! I’m Garfield. My journey started when I showed up at the Potorti barn one summer day as a handsome Tom Cat. I played hard to get at first, and then decided I would let the hand that was feeding me also pet me (but only on my terms of course). All was going great until one day when I found myself stuck in a trap. My right paw was stuck and after struggling and struggling to get loose I finally got free and made my way back to the barn. Although I didn’t’ realize it at the time, I was mighty lucky to have picked a veterinarian’s barn to show up at. They captured me and next thing I knew I was waking up from surgery and missing the lower part of my injured right leg. Ever since then, I have been residing at BVAH and have become rather famous around here.

Throughout the day I usually stay upstairs in the lounge (there is lots of food up there), but will occasionally venture down to the treatment area to lay in the center of the floor and get in everyone’s way.

My favorite part about BVAH is all the treats the staff members feed me. I am supposed to be on a diet but it is hard for them to resist my begging.

Outside of Supervising the clinic, I enjoy eating and napping. I am known to hop in a cage and eat anyone’s left over food if given the chance!